Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
Penetration Test is a method of actively evaluating the security of a computer system or a network through simulation of a controlled and managed intrusion into your system then active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerability that may result from poor or improper system configuration is carried out. This analysis is carried out from the perspective of a potential attacked, and can involve active exploitation if security vulnerabilities. The results are then documented in a report which is presented at a debriefing session, where questions can be answered and corrective strategies can be freely discussed. Penetration Testing will help you cost-effectively reduce risk, achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and reach your security goals. Vulnerability Assessment provides a clear and in-depth understanding of how vulnerable, your Network, Servers and Applications are to attacks.

Cyber Crime Investigations
Analyzing, investigating and accumulating the digital evidence and cyber trails is better known as Cyber Crime Investigation. It can be found in computer hard disks, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, floppies, computer networks, the Internet etc. Digital evidence and cyber trails can be derived from pictures, (steganography), encrypted files, password protected files, deleted files, formatted hard disks, deleted emails, chat transcripts etc. Digital evidence and cyber trails are generally related to online banking frauds, online share trading fraud, source code theft, credit card fraud, tax evasion, virus attacks, cyber sabotage, phishing attacks, email hijacking, denial of service, hacking, divorce cases, murder cases, organized crime, terrorist operations, defamation, pornography, extortion, smuggling etc.

Security Audits
A computer security audit is a systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization’s security policy is employed at a specific site. Computer security auditors work with the full knowledge of the organization, at times with considerable inside information, in order to understand the resources to be audited. Computer security auditors perform their work though a personal interview, vulnerability scans, examination of operating system settings, analyses of network shares, and historical data. They are concerned primarily with how security policies – the foundation of any effective organizational security strategy – are actually used.

Data Backup and Recovery
Data is the heart of the enterprise, hence it’s crucial for you to protect it. And to protect your organization’s data, you need to implement a data backup and recovery plan. Backing up files can protect against accidental loss of use data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. Data recovery ensures that you are prepared so that the business can continue to function with the least amount of impact possible in the case of a digital or physical disaster.

Network Setup and Configuration
New computer setup, hardware installation, crash assessment, troubleshooting, virus repair, network setup/configuration/maintenance, consultation, network setup/design, implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance. We work with both wired and wireless networks call us for a consultation. Right from new computer setup, hardware installation, troubleshooting, virus repair, crash assessment, Network Setup, its configuration; the network is as good as its configuration, and maintenance. We also consult on implementing wired as well as wireless networks. We provide all kinds of server setup and VPN.