Nikket Pokharrna

  • Nikket Pokharrna

  • As the founder at WebDefenders, a vertical of Jatan Infotech, it’s needless to say that ensuring e-security stands to be an integral part of me. We at WebDefenders provide absolute service in Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Secured Webhosting, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Laws Consulting, Security Audits, Forensics, Data Backup and Recovery, Network Setup & Configuration, Research & Development, Training, Web Solutions, Training & Workshops including various other services.
    My school St. Sebastian High School, Daund has helped me in setting my basics right. Being a Certified Ethical Hacker & Cyber Crime Investigator from the Asian School of Cyber Laws has been an interesting aspect to my professional career and needless to say internet security is my ultimate fervor. I’ve also pursued a Master of Business Administration (Marketing & Finance) degree from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Pune and this degree would surely help me grow.
    Moments to cherish have been many, but my experience with NCCIU, the agency of the Indian Government which has space and defense connections stands apart. The NCCIU in Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir, where I spent a lot of time, has been an unforgettable experience overall.
    WebDefenders caters to a lot of needs for complete security and internet needs. Our major focus lays on ethical hacking and cyber crime investigation. We provide consultations on cyber laws and have a hand in forensics and penetration testing.
    Other than my professional interests, I keep keen interest in eclectic reading. I generally prefer going through management books including technology magazines and journals that are pertinent to my
    profession. An ardent adventure sports enthusiast, working out to freshen up takes up most of my free time.
    All in all, complete internet security and the working of WebDefenders is no longer just work to me as it is something that is immeasurably pleasurable and interesting.

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